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Cortez Farmer's Market: Traditional Thai Massage by the minute

I believe that the first step in making the world a better place begins with healing our self.  The more we take care of ourselves, tuning into and paying attention to our feelings and needs, the more we honor who we truly are and the better we will feel about, well, almost anything.  As individuals, we are extremely valuable and if we can first start with that “(wo)man in the mirror” the better ability we have to bring happiness to and take care of the ones we love.

Everyone deserves to give and spend time on themselves, no matter what may be going on in your daily life.  We must take time to slow down and catch up with ourselves, otherwise stress, illness, injury, or emotional imbalance may result.  Massage is a great step toward health, which while providing a multitude of health benefits can be a great step toward the prevention of possible health troubles down the road.  Massage is a safe, relaxing space for you to tune into your self, while working out tensions of the body and receiving all the other benefits massage provides.  Massage is an investment in your self and your future. 

Abby Gulick Massage

I have worked as a physical laborer for many years before deciding to follow a dream and start learning and practicing massage therapy.  I know the strengths and the limits we can push our bodies beyond.  That being said, I also know that pain happens.  I can assist you in healing  your pain, strain or injury, so that you can get back to doing what you do.

We also have outside pressures, toxins, stressors, which can also lead to illness or injury.  Balancing those out with all the peace available, like taking a walk in nature, writing an old friend or getting a massage is ultimately the cheapest, healthiest, and most luxurious way toward a healthy happy you.  Honor yourself with a massage today. 

I provide therapeutic massages blending techniques of deep tissue, myofascial, and swedish, working light to deep, depending on your individual needs.  I also offer Traditional Thai Yoga massage, Reiki and energy work, hot stone, chakra and gemstone/crystal healing treatments. 

Abby Gulick is a NCMT, LMT massage therapist serving the four corners area; Mancos, Cortez, Dolores and surrounding Montezuma County, Colorado, Durango and Telluride.

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